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Thank you. No, really.... (and Lotusphere Slides too)

by francie tanner :: 
QuickImage Just a quick post to express our gratitude.... thank each and every one of you that stopped by our booth last week at Lotusphere 2012. Thank you to everyone who came to any of our sessions. Thank you to each and every one of you who stopped us in the hall, sent us emails, responded on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or anything else. Thank you to everyone that reached out and shared your opinion, provided us with feedback, came by to grab bucky balls or the metal puzzles.

As a company with team members in the US and Europe, doing virtual work with customers and partners all over the Globe, it means a lot to us to see you, talk to you, hear from you. In fact, we couldn't do anything without you and we draw an immense amount of energy and pleasure from meeting you, answering your questions, reading your evals, listening to your feedback!

And in the spirit of sharing.... below the slides for Session BP110: A Performance Boost for your IBM Lotus Notes Client as well as BP117: Shrinking Your Environment - Server Consolidations Done Right. Thanks again to everyone who attended.

For those of you who didn't make it to Lotusphere this year... here a couple of resources on catching up with this "Lotusphere in 60 seconds" video and the Flickr picture stream, which is always fun to play "caption contest" with :)

And lastly, for those of you that went, what was your favorite Lotusphere 2012 moment/session/event/interaction?
Download File BP110 Notes Client Performance Boost.pdf


My favorite part of Lotusphere 2012 was staffing the panagenda booth the the rest of the panagenda staff! (and getting those buckyball give-aways, of course!)


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